The Chaos Scar D&D 4th Edition

Story so far

The characters in the campaign are currently a combination of 3rd and 4th level. The campaign is taking place in a homebrew campaign world. This world was originally created during my last 3E Campaign, where the party went from 1st to around 15th level and became lords of their own keeps and castle. That campaign was entirely homebrew. However this party has been adventuring in areas that were created by a combination Wizards/D&D Insider/Myself. I have simply dropped these areas into my campaign world. Here is a short overview of the story so far:

The party started off doing the quest from the new D&D Red Box in the Nentir Vale, specifically in and around the town of Fallcrest, which is in the Dungeon Master’s Guide as well. They dealt with the Dwarf Traevus who turned out to be much more than a simple caravan master. He seized an evil artifact that the party recovered for him, and he fled west. Talking to the Lord of Fallcrest, they learned his likely destination was the Chaos Scar, located southwest of Fallcrest. They learned the White Dragon in a nearby dungeon was guarding a portal that led them closer to the Chaos Scar than they could easily get by traveling overland, so they risked the portal and arrived in the area outside the Chaos Scar.

They found Restwell Keep, and set that up as their first base of operations into the Chaos Scar.

They recently took back the Vanguard Tower, a 50ft tower located behind the King’s Wall inside the Chaos Scar, with the help of a young adamantine dragon, Taloclaxus. The Vanguard Tower is their current home base. It, and the immediate area, are currently being repaired and fortified by a band of craftsmen and tradesmen that the party rescued from a band of nearby Orcs.


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